b'PIPELINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDELINESEMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Section Video Pipeline incidents present some of the most dangerous situations an emer-gencyrespondermayencounter.Pipelinescontainflammable,hazardous andevendeadlypetroleumgases,liquids,andotherchemicalproducts that present emergency responders with a myriad of hazards and risks that https://vimeo.com/432927580 vary depending on the topography, weather, and properties of the material involved. For the majority of pipeline incidents, there are a limited number of options to actually stop the leak. In almost all cases, the pipeline operator must be involved to manage the incident safely. Consequently, your goal is to minimize the level of risk to other responders, the community and the environment.Advance knowledge of where pipelines are located in your community, the products transported in them, and how to contact and work together with the pipeline operator in the event of an incident are key factors to an effective and safe response. What you should know before an incidentThenamesofcompaniesoperatingpipelinesinyourcommunity along with their emergency and non emergency contact informationThe approximate location of the pipelines and the products they carryThe physical indications of a leak and the possible hazards associated with a releaseThe potential impact on the community and what steps should be taken to protect the publicTheresponsecapabilitiesofthepipelinecompaniesandhowto engage in mutual assistance with operatorsFollowing standardized procedures will bring consistency to each response and will help minimize the risk of exposure to all responders. The information in this guide provides a framework to discuss safety issues as they relate to the hazards and risks presented by pipeline emergencies. Establishing and maintaining a mutual understanding concerning joint coop-eration and coordination of response efforts with local pipeline operators will help minimize the hazards to life and property.NOTE Refer to the Emergency Response Capabilities Section on page 47 to find out more about sharing capability information with operators. 18 2023 by Pipeline Association for Public Awareness'