b'Emergency Response CapabilitiesEmergency Response CapabilitiesScan to submitelectronically!The Emergency Response Capabilities Database & Reporting Tool is a free, web-based resource developed to enhance emergency preparedness and emergency response planning in communities with pipeline infrastructure.It can be accessed at: http://capabilities.pipelineawareness.org Please provide your organizations response capabilities by filling out both pages of this form and emailing it topipeline.association@pipelineawareness.info. Your information will be entered into the database and included in the online reports. After your information has been entered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your assigned username and password. Organization Information Organization Name: Contact Name: Contact Email: Contact Phone: Organization Type Response AgencyPipeline Operator Location Information Location informationallows capabilities to be reported by state and county. You can list up to two states with thecorrespondingcounties below. Attach a separate listing if your jurisdiction includes more than two states. State: Counties:State: Counties:8601 W Cross Dr PMB 302 Unit F5, Littleton, CO80123www.pipelineawareness.org 47 2022 by Pipeline Association for Public Awareness'