b'PIPELINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDELINESNOTEPipeline Operators are required to notify Public Safety Answer- ing Points when they become aware of conditions that may indicate apotential pipeline rupture has occurred (i.e. sudden loss of pipelinepressure outside of normal operating parameters).(Source: Marathon) Pipeline Control CenterWhen you call the 24-hour emergency phone number on a marker sign, you will speak with someone at the pipeline operators control center. The control center is the heart of pipeline operations. Information about the pipelines operatingequipmentandparametersisconstantlycommunicatedtothe control center where personnel use computers to monitor pipeline pressure, temperature, flow, alarms, and other conditions in the pipeline. While pipe-line operators work hard to achieve reliable incident-free operation, accidents do occur. In the event of an emergency, the control center may be able to immediately shutdown the pipeline and begin to isolate the source of the leak. The pipeline operators control center may also have the capability to remotely open and close valves and transfer products both to and from the main pipeline at marketing and distribution facilities. NOTEAs an emergency responder, you can help control the incident by being prepared to communicate as much information as possible to the pipeline operator about the current incident situation.6 2023 by Pipeline Association for Public Awareness'