b'Additional ResourcesADDITIONAL RESOURCESPipeline Member Contact DirectoryThe complete Pipeline Member Directory is available online at: www.pipelineawareness.org. This listing can be filteredby state and county to show the members in yourarea. Itcan also be downloaded in PDF format and includes bothemergency and non-emergency contact information. If you need to contact all the pipeline members in a County, justuse the Request Information form under Resources.Pipelines NearbyMobile Friendly Web ApplicationThis application is available both on the web and frommobile devices. If you are using a GPS enabled device, itwill take the coordinates from your mobile phone andrender information for the five participating memberpipelines closest to that location (only pipelines provided to us). It can be accessed at: www.pipelinesnearby.orgEmergency Response Capabilities Database and Web ApplicationTo enhance our mutual response, the website has a section to capture and display Emergency Response Capabilitiesfor both First Responders and Pipeline Operators. Pleaselog on to register your agencys capabilities and the results will be accessible to all organizations: pipelineawareness. org/capabilities Online Interactive Scenarios and Training AidsAccess a library of interactive training scenarios to applyyour knowledge and solve problems. The training mater- ials include: interactive training scenarios, training videos, a PPT presentation based on the Pipeline EmergencyResponse Guidelines booklet, instructors guide, andpractice test. These resources may be accessed at:https://training.pipelineawareness.org/ Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies Interactive Textbook and Online CourseTextbook with video instruction and supportive online course prepares all first responders and communityofficials with practical knowledge addressing potential hazards and safe emergency response procedures.Program is recommended by PHMSA for meeting andexceeding industry API RP 1162 compliance requirements. Certificates are provided for completing online course.Web address is https://papa.rtueonline.com. Textbooks,http://www.redhatpub.com/naturalgasemergencies.html. 45 2023 by Pipeline Association for Public Awareness'