b'PIPELINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDELINESSection Video SECURITY AND DAMAGE PREVENTION Security and Damage ReportingIn our nations time of heightened security, it is more important than ever https://vimeo.com/435313891 to protect pipelines against damage or attack. Homeland security and infra-structure protection is a shared responsibility. Always report any unusual condition or suspicious activity along a pipeline right-of-way to the pipeline operator. They will immediately investigate and repair any damages. TheTransportationSecurityAdministration(TSA)alsowantsoperators of critical infrastructure to notify them of incidents that are indicative of deliberate attempts to disrupt pipeline operations or activities that could be precursors to such an event, including:Explosions or fires of a suspicious nature affecting pipeline systems, facilities or assets Actual or suspected attacks on pipeline systems, facilities or assetsBomb threats or weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threats topipeline facilitiesTheft of pipeline company vehicles, uniforms, or employee credentialsSuspiciouspersonnelorvehiclesaroundpipelinefacilities,assetsor rights-of-waySuspicious photography or possible surveillance of pipeline facilitiesSuspicious inquiries about facilities, operations, or security practicesSuspicious individuals applying for security sensitive positions at the companyTheft of sensitive security information (detailed maps or security plans)Actual or suspected cyber-attack impacting SCADA or IT systems Local authorities may also be notified of these kinds of events and be asked to participate in follow up investigations.30 2023 by Pipeline Association for Public Awareness'