b'New FREE downloadable resources!Shelter-In-Place or Evacuate Shelter- In-Place or EvacuateThis one-page guidance document provides considerations SHELTER-IN-PLACE OR EVACUATE? on when to shelter-in-place and when to evacuate during Wom the hazar acuao a hazar ondition like a pipeline leak, the natural rer altesponse is ternative underet a certainpipeline emergencies. fr hen people are exposed tv does a person kno o g way circumstances. Sd and eo how te the area. Hdous coww which prever, sheltotering in placective action is best? e may be a saThe answf er is, It depends.Each situation is different and there are many things to consider in evaluating the hazards associated e, with a wind pipeline leak. Some of the most significant include: toxicity of the product, poesponse capabilities otential exposure to firf the wndir oximity to the leak, adequacyf situationsofwher the ae each prvailable sheltotectivers, and the re action would be appropriate are shoaffection, prected individuals. Examples o.in the table below GENERAL PROTECTIVE ACTIONS FOR VARIOUS PIPELINE LEAKS https://qrco.de/evacuationProductsEvacuationShelter-In-PlaceNatural Gas Any size leak inside a building orSmall leaks in outside areas ationnot with enclosed space. thrno potential for gas migre would Petroleum GasLeaks located uphill from availableough soil and a fir You can also download a detailed decision guide fundedimpact the shelter.Petroleum Liquids Small leaks located downhill )(liquids) or downwind (gassesEthanol sheltadver orersely wher impe a sheltacted bery a fire. could be from a sheltt imperact wher the shelte a firereAnhydrous Aiommoxide niaLeaks located downerwind os. fwould nothe location. by a US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Carbon D available shelt Large orof small leaks upwindPrHoduct ontainingSmall leaks do orLargore or uphill o small leaks upf the locawind tion. Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Technical ydros cgouren S Gulfidedownhill of the locawnwind and/tion. and/(e.g. S as)Beom the oper fAssistance Grant with services provided by the City of fr fore deciding atorwhich prs and discuss altotective action maernatives ywith be best inyour local Hyour situaazmation, obt response ttain specific pipeline ineam. Additional guidelines formationsuch as the U.S. DOT Emergency Response Guidebook should also be consulted.A re-fgormaencytt Med canagopemeny of the Et and the Nvacuation/Sashua Rheltegional Per-In-Placlanning Ce Decision Gommission is also auide developed bvailable as an additional y the Nashua Office o Eesource. It addresses the pros and cons of evacuation and shelter-in-place in greater detail. It is available merror download here.f Or visit https://qrco.de/evacuation Nashua Office of Emergency Management and the https://qrco.de/decisionguideSCAN FOR A PDF COPY OF THIS BULLETINNashua Regional Planning Commission. Safety Bullletin: Fire Lines & Pipelines SAFETY BULLETIN: FIRE LINES &PIPELINES This safety bulletin provides real-life, SAFETY BULLETIN: FIRE LINES &PIPELINES practical information for emergency Summary ency situations, especially wildland fires, can affect buried utilities. yresponders when constructing fire lines When firefigh:Mterans use the righy types of emert-ogf-way (RO oW) twn cro moew avt risk te equipmeno be injurt and build fired. The one call se breaks/lines, theystem (811) risk impacting the utilityshould be used to notify and putting theiroperators of the need for emergency excavations (fire lines).What you need to know:The abodous liquid tr or operating heavy equipment overhazar ve images depict a Ransmission pipeline cOW where a firontaining gasoline and diesel fuel.e line was placed over the top of a 10-inch 1000 psig A pipeline righwidths tha public utilities. Pelar tionship with landoT been cwners, this pipeline operontacted by emergaencytor w ras noespondertified bs. Dy the landoue to a greawnert w. orking varying ther t-of-wt maayy (R conOW) is a strip otain one or morf land oe pipelines fipeline 811 had NOand oIn this situation, fwortunaere not locately, therted and marke were no serious ced, emergonsequencency responderes. Bs ecause no nowere at risk otificaf damaging the tion washttps://qrco.de/firelinesPipeline ROWS can be identified by pipeline markersmade and linespipelines.located on roads, railways, and otherf in the opertervals along ator,pipeline line which could have caused personal injuries and environmental impacts. the RemergOencyW. T chese include the name oontact information, and a generItsalcritical ALWAYS CALL OR CLICK 811, KNOW WHATS BELOW. description of somed by oduct in the pipeline. ers may have ITS A FREE SERVICE AND AN EXTRA INSURANCE POLICY FOR YOUR SAFETY. to rememberoythe pre the fire.times these markbeen destr Due to limited obstructions on RPipeline markers should never be used as a reference for the exact locationto use them when creating fire lines tOWs, firo sloewfigh a firteres ts endof a pipeline., such as crossing progression. vy equipmenActivity on the Rt or excaOvaWtion without properMarkers indicate the approximatenot exactlocation of a buried pipeline. with hea All pipeline marknotifica in etion txtro 811, puts them and an transported and a ters prelephone numberovide the name o forf r the pipeline opereporting pipeline emerator, prgoduct encies.vicinity eme risk of injury or losys oone in the f life. Photo courtesy of CHS, Inc.the surface due tth oo erf a pipeline, as theosion and other fyact can be less than 12 inches ors. Neverw assume the depbeloKEY PUBLIC SAFETY ACTIONS:SCAN FOR A PDF COPY OF THIS BULLETINThe one call system (811), must be used to properly notify pipeline and utilitys are requir opered tao rtorespond s, prior to all emergency locates. Find more information at: e lines. Ocall 811.cperom orator pipelineawareness.org/ to any soil-disturbing activityincluding building fir Or visit https://qrco.de/firelinessafety-information. Special thanks to CHS, Inc., for providing the information used to develop this Safety Bulletin. Maintain open lines of communication between pipeline operators and fire incidentcommand posts. Share intifyf utilities oto no ormation fwith all fir fire line installae incidentions tt commandero keep responders and strs and iness the imfrastructurportance sae of calling 811fe.Follow PAPA on Social Mediawww.facebook.com/ www.linkedin.com/company/pipelineawareness pipelineawareness'