b'PIPELINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE GUIDELINESEmergency Response CapabilitiesCapabilities Select all items that may apply to your organization Personnel have:Responding units carry:training on the Incident Command System DOT Emergency Response Guidebook training on the National Incident Management other response plans or procedures System listing of emergency contacts for their area training on the DOT Emergency Response flares or other traffic control devicesGuidebookHAZWOPER 1ST Responder Awareness Level instruments to detect Natural Gas (methane)training instruments to detect Propane (hydrocarbons)HAZWOPER 1ST Responder Operations Level II instruments to detect Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)traininginstruments to monitorOxygen levels taken a HAZWOPER 24 or 40 Hour Courseinstruments to detect Carbon Monoxide (CO)training on responding to pipeline emergencies 800 trunking radiosparticipated in pipeline emergency mock computer or mobile on scene internet accessexercises or drillsresponded to an actual gas leak in a building equipment to deploy foamresponded to an actual pipeline emergency dry chemical (Class BC) handheld fire extinguisherscertification for Level 1 First AidThe Organization:certification for Emergency Medical Technicianwill notify other dispatch centers of pipeline leaks or (EMT)unsafe conditionsoperations Level Certification under NFPA 472 will dispatch personnel to investigate potentiallyknowledge of the practices in NFPA 329hazardous leaksaccessed the National Pipeline Mapping Systemwill provide product hazard information / Safety Data Sheets Agreements are in place to:will share appropriate emergency response plans ordispatch Hazmat Unitsproceduresdeploy containment deviceswill coordinate valve closures with all affected parties will participate in Unified Incident Command deploy absorbent materials has a mutual understanding with other responsedeploy earth moving equipmentorganizations regarding coordination of pipeline emergency response efforts 8601 W Cross Dr PMB 302 Unit F5, Littleton, CO80123www.pipelineawareness.org 48 2023 by Pipeline Association for Public Awareness'