b'Incident Response Stepswhat risk you will be taking and help you select the best course of action with the least risk. Use caution as you may encounter:Locate a pipeline marker sign to identify the pipe-Flammable atmosphereslineproduct,operatorand24-houremergencyHydrogen sulfide (H 2 S)phone number. in crude oil/natural gas Call the emergency phone number to report thepipelinesincident to the pipeline operators control center.Anhydrous ammoniaControl center personnel may provide addi tionalpipelinesinformationaboutthepipelineproductanditsOxygen deficient/enriched hazards. atmospheres Use the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook toNatural gas migrating identifypotentialhazards,establishinitialisola- underground into adjacent tiondistances,anddetermineresponsetactics.buildings Additional information is contained in Appendix A, B, C and E of this guide. Use air-monitoring equipment appropriate to the materials in the pipeline. Do NOT assume gases or vapors are harmless because of a lack of smell. Odorant can fade or be scrubbed out when leaking products migrate through soil and exposure to H 2 S can cause desen-sitization of smell.Use the highest level of precaution and protection until you know the area is safe of flammable, toxic, mechanized and electrical hazards.Step 4. Assess the SituationIs there a fire, spill or leak?Is there a vapor cloud? https://vimeo.com/435311249What are the weather conditions?What direction is the wind blowing?What is the terrain like?Who and what is at risk: people, property or environment?What actions should be taken: evacuation, shelter in-place or diking?What human/equipment resources are required?Step 5. Obtain Assistance from Trained PersonnelContact Your OrganizationAs soon as possible, contact your organization. This will set in motion ahttps://vimeo.com/435311422series of events ranging from dispatching additional trained personnel to the scene to activating the local emergency response plan. Ensure that other local emergency response departments have been notified.21 2022 by Pipeline Association for Public Awareness'