b'FREE RESOURCES FOREMERGENCY RESPONDERSMaps and Contact InformationThe Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) provides access to maps, critical contact info and other key information through the National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS). Local, state, tribal and federal officials can apply for specialized access to information on hazardous liquid and gas transmission pipelines in their jurisdiction by registering for NPMSs Pipeline Information Management Mapping Application (PIMMA).HTTPS://QRCO.DE/PIMMANPMS does not include gathering or distribution pipelines. Visit the PAPA website for additional information on pipelines operated by our member companies, including distribution and gathering pipelines. HTTPS://QRCO.DE/ISEPAPipeline Emergency ChecklistPAPAs Incident Response Checklist provides you and your agency with a step-by-step INCIDENT RESPONSE CHECKLISTPocus on prf tors will concentrate on shutting doting or remown pipeline fving ignition souracilities. Rces. esponders should procedure for responding to pipeline emergencies. You can find a version on the inside ipeline operotaecting the public and isola1)APPROACH CAUTIOUSLY FROM UPWIND, UPHILL OR UPSTREAM cover of this guide, download a copy on our website, or request hard copies are mailedStay clearTT assume thastorm drain of vapors, fumes, smoke and spills Do NO park over a manhole ort gases orvapors are harmless because of lack of a smell Do NO2)SECURE THE SCENEEstablishisolationzonesandsetupbarricades atornameandemergencyphonenumber to you for sharing with others. 3)IDENTIFY HAZARDSObtaininformationfreromperstoidensonstify:pratthescoduct,opereneLoca Refertepipelinemark to DOT Emergency Response Guidebook4)ASSESS THE SITUATIONIsthereafir leak?Whatarethee,spillorweatherconditions?Whatandistheterrtisainlikatrisk?e?Whhoatresources(humanandequipment)arerequired?whaW5)OBTAIN ASSISTANCE FROM TRAINED PERSONNEL REQUEST MATERIALS DOWNLOAD PDFContactyourorganizationatorContact the pipeline oper6)RESPOND TO PROTECT PEOPLE, PROPERTY & THE ENVIRONMENTClimina thesafetyofpeoplefirstE onsiderteignitionsources Rescue and evacuate people ystem HTTPS://QRCO.DE/Emplo HTTPS://QRCO.DE/COPIESControlfiry the Ie,ncidenvaporand/t Command Sorleak7)WORK TOGETHER WITH THE PIPELINE OPERATORCoordinatevalveclosurommandeswithallaffectedparties SCAN FOR A PDF COPY ERCHECKLISTE ooperatewithrnifiedCespondingorganizationsCstablishaUVirtual Training and MaterialsWhen it comes to training your team to respond to pipeline emergencies, you are not alone! The Pipeline Association for Public Awareness offers FREE training resources including:Presentations Scenarios Test Questions Copies of this Guidebook mailed to you!HTTPS://QRCO.DE/ERTRAININGPIPELINEAWARENESS.ORGadmin@pipelineawarness.info'